Kuali Hitam

Warisan Zurinah Hassan


1838 : Publication of Kisah Pelayaran Abdullah ke Kelantan.
This is taken to be the first Malay 
1849- Abdullah Abdul Kadir Munsyi
published a first memoir in Malay literature entittled Hikayat Abdullah, This, ogether
with his travelogue Kisah Pelayaran Abdullah (plus a few other tittles )
contained his  observations and
descriptions  of contemporary everyday
events and happenings during his time, and much of his opinions and social
criticisms. He did  away with realm of
superhuman princes and princesses. For this individualism and  realism, Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir Munsyi
(1796-1854) is  considered as forerunner
of modern Malay literature. The dawn of modern Malay literature is said to
begin with him.
1913. The birth of modern Malay poetry, known as sajak with
the publication `Angan-angan Dengan
Gurindam`by Omar Mustaffa.  
1925-  The birth of novel in Malaya when the first
Malay novel Faridah Hanom, by Syed Sheikh Al Hadi was published. However,
the novel was an adaptation of Egyptian work. But the novel discussed social
problems relevan to Malay society .
1925- The emergence of short
stories mostly in newspapers and magazines. Newspapers regarded as important in
the development of Malay short stories. Most short stories discussed local
issues especially in exhorting the Malays to work towards progress and gain
their rightful place in the advance of other races. Among famous writer was Abdul
Rahim Kajai, named Father of Malay Short Stories
1929, The publication of Kawan
, a novel by Ahmad Rashid Talu accepted as the first original
Malay novel with local Malay characters and Malay social background.
1934- The formation of Persaudaraan
Sahabat Pena.
trigged by literary column of Syed Sheikh Al Hady’s  newspaper, Saudara.
1934, THE new form of poetry gained importance through the
publications in Majalah Guru. A regular periodical of Sultan Idris Training Cillege in Tanjung Malim (SITC). SITC is
noted for its contributions   in the 
development of Malay literature.  Mohd
Yasin Makmor (Punggok) has been name as a pioneer in Malay poetry.

1950. The most significant event in the growth of Malay literature
took place in Singapore, with the formation of ANGKATAN SASTERAWAN 50 or ASAS 50 on 6 August.  This Writers’ Movement thrived as the oldest
Malay literary association and is still going on in Singapore today. It represented
the voice of the Malay community with its slogan Seni untuk Masyarakat. 
Pioneers and leaders were well known writers and journalists Muhammad
Ariff Ahmad, Kamaluddin Muhammad, Masuri S.N. 

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