Kuali Hitam

Warisan Zurinah Hassan

Recording Of Poetry Reading at National Radio Station

On Monday 9th of November I was at  Malaysian national radio and television complex . It is known as Angkasapuri. which literary means a palace in the sky.

I recorded three poetry, one being modern poem and two traditional poetry.

The modern poetry known in Malay literature as SAJAK is Malay version of modern verses.

The traditional poetry are BERENDOI  and  SYAIR.  Berendoi is a lullaby song and syair is a four line verse with aaaa rhyming scheme. Both traditional poetry are our heritage and have been passed by older generations. The poetry are sung to  special tunes varied from place to place. As other traditional poetry, they have been medium of education to the younger generations. They are laden with advice , lessons and guides for their life.

Besides Berendoi and Syair the Malay traditional poetry consist of pantun, seloka, nazam , gurindam and other forms which are not easily defined and  rarely practiced nowadays.


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