Kuali Hitam

Warisan Zurinah Hassan



My poetry book, a collection of poems with Spanish translation is out on July 16th 2012. The book was first published in 2010 by Institute of Translation Malaysia (ITNM) with original work in Malay (Bahasa Melayu) and English translation.

Here’s the poem that give its tittle Facing the Habour:
How it disturb me
every time I face the harbour lights
they are the lights of our boundary
reminding us nobody can live without a name
and loyalty to a country
But no body can choose his own name
or the country to be born in
Spanish version:
Como me molesta
cada vez que veo les luces del puerto
son les luces de nuestras fronteras
que nos recuerdan que nadie puede vivir sin un nombre
ni lealtad a un pais
pero nadie puede escoger su nombre
ni el pais en el que ha de nacer

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