Kuali Hitam

Warisan Zurinah Hassan


A collection of poems entittled FACING THA HARBOUR will be out soon, published by Malaysian Institute of Translation, Kuala Lumpur.

Facing the Harbour

It disturbs me
Every time I face the harbour lights
They are the lights of our boundary
Reminding us nobody can live without a name
And loyalty to a country

But nobody can choose his own name
Or the country to be born in

Menghadap ke Pelabuhan

Alangkah sukarnya berdepan
Dengan lampu-lampu pelabuhan
Lampu-lampu sempadan yang mengingatkan
Hidup ini mustahil tanpa nama
Dan kesetiaan kepada negara

Tapi tak siapa memilih namanya sendiri
Dan tempat untuk dilahirkan

One thought on “FACING THE HARBOUR

  1. Salam Puan Zarinah, I am a literature student and fortunate have stumbled upon your blog and works for my research. Facing the Harbour gave me chills. I am so proud that Malaysia has produced so many great poets. Insyaallah, my generation will be able to carry on the legacy of good malaysian poetry.

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